Personal exhibitions of Vladimir Sokolov took place both in Russia and abroad, including:


Yaroslavl Arts Museum, 1984
Rybinsk State History, Architecture and Arts Museum, 1985
Balchug-Kempinski Hotel, 2000
Russian Academy of Arts, 2015


Vilnius Art Museum, 1989
Kaunas National Arts Museum, 1986
Klaipeda Arts Museum, 1988


Corgese Art Gallery, Corsica, 2003

Also while working in The Chamber of Commerce of the USSR (1976-1980), Mr Sokolov introduced several projects and design works at International trade fairs in London, Delhi, Baghdad, Tehran, Bogota, Izmir and Warsaw.

Mr. Sokolov received a silver medal at the International Poster Competition. He was awarded a medal of the All-National Exhibition Center (VDNH) for designing a pavilion devoted to the Soviet space program